Darin Layne is an Austin, TX-based guitarist and composer known for his high-level playing, composing, recording and producing abilities.

D Shack (2021) is Darin’s 3rd and latest album as a collaboration with David Pulkingham (Pulkingham Layne). The 11-track album is made up entirely of live takes with the addition of auxillary instruments on selected tracks, played by Darin and David, with 2 guest artists to create a broader landscape of sound. D Shack not only shows off his formidable abilities on the 7-string guitar but highlights some nuance with glockenspiel, melodica accordion and piano.

D Shack, in addition to Darin’s prior albums, including Stringology (2017), Poison Flower (2015) and Left of Sunday Afternoon (2009) and ongoing performances in several generes, have made him an Austin favorite and won him international attention. A stellar sideman and producer, Darin has had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest talents and names in the music industry.

Darin was born in Buffalo, NY, on March 5, 1972. His family moved to the New England area shortly thereafter. Before he turned five years old, he was playing the family piano, and considered by all who saw him to be a prodigy. But he didn’t stop at the piano. Still a child, he turned to the cello, and began playing it at venues throughout New England. At nine years old, he shifted to the saxophone, and began playing regularly in clubs in Boston, MA. Darin’s earliest musical influences were Chopin, Monk, Stan Getz, Kiss, The Cars, and Coleman Hawkins. He studied the saxophone with fervor for three years.

Eventually, Darin became frustrated with the creative limitations of the saxophone, and turned to the guitar. The saxophone provided him with one musical line with which to work; the guitar provided six. He took to the guitar with aplomb, and by the time he was a teenager, his versatility on the instrument was evident. He studied guitar at the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Houston, TX, and later earned a degree in Jazz Guitar Performance from the University of North Texas.

Darin has completed 9 of his own albums, played as a studio musician on hundreds of other albums and performed countless shows. He has been featured in magazines such as Guitar Player and JazzTimes , and AllAboutJazz.com. As a top-call session guitarist in Austin, he has played Jazz, Country, Latin, Rock and Classical and Brazilian Choro around the world.

Darin’s music and guitar playing has been widely featured on film, television and radio. His studio guitar playing is featured most recently on the soundtrack By Hanan Townshend to “Blue Miracle” on Netflix, A live episode of Public Radio International’s syndicated “This American Life’’ with Ira Glass, on the radio program, “Echoes,” with John Dilberto, on “Horizontes,” with Michael Crockett, and on the television series “American Made” on CNBC. Darin’s music is used in music production for numerous film projects and festivals. He is bandleader for his projects Left of Sunday Afternoon, The Darin Layne Trio, Gel, Darin Layne and David Pulkingham (Pulkingham Layne), and The Crying Monkeys. He has worked for and played/ recorded with Paul Barker (Ministry), Moby, Donovan, Frank Mantooth, Ray Brown, Lisa Zane, Chrysta Bell, and David Lynch. He performs locally as a solo guitarist and with David Pulkingham, The Crying Monkeys, Chris Maresh, Queen Deelah, Jay Stiles, Jeff Lofton and many others.

In addition to maintaining a private studio, Darin currently teaches guitar at Austin Community College.